Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tenacity perfects your writing, Here's why

I do not buy credo of the people bloviating that writing can’t be done easily. I had not approved to this thought either, that writing was too difficult a task, and you can't execute your "intangible thoughts" into their factual manifestations as it is demanding, skill-based job which means, it can be done by those having experiential insight in creative writing.

As a matter of fact, writing, or content writing, or creative writing is surreal mix of science and art. Therefore, you as a writer, have to get along with your manuscript creatively, in such a fashion demonstrative of the fact that you are unconditionally and passionately committed to it.

In the meantime, what I think is a writer should never leave writing holding the baby, just because he is getting fed up with the ill-treatment and mockery his craft receives from naysayers and pedantic critiques.

If you ask me, it is unwise to see yourself from naysayer's standpoint.

Yeah, you might be thinking I am nut, and some of you even sneer at me with "Easy said than done, pal!" 

Well, I can't argue with you if you think something like that, but let's just face it. If you think you are about to give up on writing just because you feel disappointed at your creativity not being rewarded enthusiastically as expected, just take a pause and look back.


What do you see when you time-travel in the past? 

A zealot, crazy lunatic in pursuit of excellence in his niche!

I know you might be smiling.

Okay, go on! It's good to see your ‘former-self’ at least committed to his belief, and most importantly, committed tenaciously to his passion (passion for writing).

The recollection in the past is not merely getting peer-reviewed journal of your "Mr. committed-self", but it is also a gentle reminder of you having come to this far, up here, among community of fellow-writers, known and acknowledged.

So, whenever painful thinking strikes you, and you feel your pluck being sliced by half of its former size, try to inject this feeling into you - "I've come this far, up here, and it's all because of my tenacity to fulfill my dream of being a good writer in future."

I know it will be hard for you at first, especially when the mind is engulfed with the whirlwind of unsavory thoughts containing negative elements, then of course it is very difficult to think positively head-on.

But then again, practice makes everything perfect, doesn't it? So, the point is, you need to replace your "slowly developing negative thoughts" with"positive and inspiring" ones which will essentially make you think sanely and you will be able to figure out what needs to be done to correct your writing mistakes, so that you can be known and acknowledged, again!

Here, I'd like to recommend - be tenacious!

You see, writing is just like any sports which demand practice, and most importantly, the tenacity which means - keep on keeping on!

If legendary cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and even Sir Don Bradman had not been tenacious and instead had given up on their cricketing career, don't you think they would not have been known and respected figures as they are today?

As a matter of fact, the power of tenacity is it takes you to the level of perfection in your niche and makes you confident and you start to see yourself from positive perspective.

In my point of view, people become negative about their niche when they see it is not being acknowledged as it is supposed to be, or it is acknowledged contrary to their expectation.

It is because sometimes people pull up a face after seeing your craft, thus giving you a non-verbal cue that there's something to be corrected in your craft, even though you believed you've done everything necessary to perfect the same.

Sadly, the very non-acknowledgment of your niche as a writer is the causal factor of your unemployment or joblessness at present. This is where negative thoughts start to breed in your mind, especially when you think of them for long, and let a part of your personality approve to the fact that you're good for nothing.

That's the breeding ground of negativity in the mind; letting it grow up, and it really grows up fast in such a fertile mental land. Tenacity helps you avert negative thoughts, as you occupy your mind into something far better and important than those 'moral-waning' thoughts.

Psychologically speaking, when you put your mind in gear and your work becomes the fixated point of your mind's attention, then no thought of negative element will ever render damage onto your sagacity, as you allow no room for such thought to rest in there.

Therefore, if you seriously want to be a good writer, known and valued, you have to respect your niche, and by that what I mean to imply is - be devoted to it and continuously, without fail, add values to it.Your being tenacious will eventually lay the groundwork of improved efficiency in your creativity.

You see, when perfection comes, it doesn't come without certain degree of labor and focused commitment dedicated to it.

Think of those great people whose tenacity brought them into spotlight. Firstly they believed in their belief. Then, they were off to a journey to make the belief a reality. To actualize the former, they never gave up being tenacious, even though others saw their tenacity as rigidity.

Believe me, naysayers will always demean you. What matters essentially in between -will you make them believe they're right about you when you give up on your dream, OR will you prove them wrong by tenaciously following your predetermined path?

Choice is yours.

I call it - Hobson’s choice.

Be tenacious as it will afford excellence in your writing and there will come a day affording notable efficiency and excellence in your niche. Someone was right that practice trumps the talent, which according to my belief, is what sums up tenacity.

Note: The motive behind writing this article is to encourage my fellow-writers to pursue their dream tenaciously regardless of what their critiques judge them otherwise. Since the time (five years back) I took upon writing, I have been judged, sometimes with mockery, sometimes with praise. The notability in between is - I am still here, undeterred, standing firm in an unflinching determination to go on!