Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grammar In Writing - Compromized Or Prioritized?

In what extent of disparity would you finally resort to slaughter grammar in writing? Puzzled? Read then :)

Content writing, has greatly been under the influence of grammar dominance. You wrote an essay in your school days where teachers often rebuked or suggested for correct usage of grammar. You mailed your boss and were reverted with suggestive grammatical inclusion to particular sentence.

You wrote an application letter for a job and were finally reverted “We’d consider you after being shortlisted” with literal meaning for rejection. Why? May be your writing skill was eclipsed by wrong grammar! Given the fact from countless studies of companies providing human resources, an infringement of grammatical rules to resume or applications could spell downright rejection from the consideration for particular job for the default applicant/s. Phew!!

                                                   Did I sound Scaring?

Believe it or not, grammar has been one of the most imperative parts of writing. Given the studies aforesaid, cultivating inertia to assimilation of grammatical rules to sentences will be backfired very negatively. However if my memory serves me well, there too have been countless written stuffs published on various web directories with downright infringement of grammatical rules and suggestions. 

Does that mean they are not being read at all? Certainly they are!

Then, what makes grammar scaring or an unwelcoming guest to our lexical zone?

I believe that it’s ignorance of the fact that grammar changes according to the way people use it. What you studied in kindergarten or college in your academic pursuit doesn’t necessarily mean to have them related to contemporary usage of grammar. That’s where the shoe pinches.

We know that not everyone is absolutely perfect in grammar, and therefore, tends to include those grammatical parts which accord to their discretion even though others wince at them. Some people do have horrible grammar as they can’t cope up with learning process to improve it. For them, grammar exists as once dinosaur existed.

Grammar has its undeniable relevance. Regardless of how much you hate it, the fact of its being necessity remains irrevocable. Knowing that not everyone is familiar with all grammatical aspects, usage of grammar may or may not accord to discretion of particular readers.

At last, I would say, many writers wittingly avoid using certain grammar rules; believing that interpretation would be esoterically bizarre to particular readers. This is a fact that if you are writing contents for professional standpoint where you have to keep your audiences in mind, being yourself grammar-pedantic would baffle readers as not all of them are grammatically sound.

Therefore, use grammar to the extent of being agreeable to discretion. However, it’s quality that readers want. Grammar comes later for them. Needlessly, grammar in writing is partially compromized and partially prioritized these days. But then again, completely ignoring grammar is strict NO! NO!