Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Ways To Write Winning Web-Articles

 The online readers are preoccupied with notion of glancing through web-articles. Therefore, individualizing your own web-article under such circumstances, demands adherence to few notable points...

The online readers have deep-seated inclination to read information free of cost. They quest for quality information from different web sources to solve particular query, educate themselves or serve certain reading purpose.

However, the web world is inundated with ocean of web-articles today, each claiming to be better than the rest. Under such circumstances, how would you standout your own web-articles for potential readers is apparently a matter of great consideration.

Yet, adherence to few notable points about writing as mentioned below can certainly make a big difference in terms of individualizing your work for potential readers...

1. Make Your Article Easy To Scan Through – It may sound incredulous, but this is a fact that majority of online readers just scan your articles while only the few ones read them actually. The online readers are impatient; they just give cursive glance over entire contents of your article to derive meaningful information. Hence, you should start writing in a way that readers find it easy to scan and derive evocative sense.

For this, include chronologically the headline, sub-headings, bullet lists and step by step descriptions.

2. Give Compelling Title – I know that every experienced writer is aware of this. In fact, compelling title is the first step to draw attention of potential readers to your written contents. Between the poorly titled writing and compelling one, lies the difference of mounting attraction of readers. Apparently, the one with compelling title steals the show first.

3. Concision Lends Credence – Rather than bombarding writing with lengthy sentences, keeping it short and relevant is way better option to go for. With short and pertinent messages, you grab attention of your readers. Since you invested your time in gaining their attention, it's time to give them bites to rejoice with. 

Do not forget to start your writing with a conclusive version of text. Web readers are usually reluctant to read your stuff to the end. Also, lengthy sentences would turn off their mood. Stick to main point and give logical explanation to support your say.

4. Write As If Talking To Audiences – You should always understand that your writing is exclusively for audiences in particular, not for everyone. So, rather than generalizing, be specific to particular type of audiences who seem genuinely interested in your topic. Keeping your audiences in view will give you a way to connect and befriend with them along with serving purpose of increasing traffic on your website through your articles.

5. Be Qualitative – Content writing with quality information always matters. It is, in fact, not verbose writing, but qualitatively delightful one which often steals the show. Make a deliberate effort of adding substance/valuable information to every writing of yours so as to create your individuality as a good writer. For this, always prioritize relevant resources to gather information from before you start writing web articles.

6. Avoid Stuffing Keywords – SEO content writing or others with involvement of keywords should always be started with relevant and adequate inclusion of keyword/s. The keyword-stuffed articles may flatter search engines for a while, but are backfired as search engines or online readers de-prioritize your work.

Other Notable Points –

  • Include pictures or relevant images to accentuate importance of your article's points.
  • Make your writing concise and relevant to help readers go through a delightful reading experience.
  • Exclude slang or any other jargon that your audiences would find difficult to understand.
  • Never ever use expletives in your writing.

Now, grab a pen and a copy or turn on your computer system and start writing. Best wishes to your writing success :)