Monday, May 23, 2016

VLC Fix - How to remove horizontal green lines permanantely

VLC has been the most preferred media players for me, and I have been using it for many years. I switch to its upgraded versions whenever I am prompted to download the updates by the media player (I set it on "update latest version" mode). 

At present I am running on my Windows 7 PC the latest VLC media player 2.2.2 Weatherwax (64-bit for my Windows 7-OS).

As expected, the upgraded version of VLC runs smoothly on my PC and I am very satisfied with the performance  up until I noticed green horizontal lines on top and bottom of the vlc media player.

I thought that's okay to have it as it was not causing any problem as I was watching videos and playing MP3 files without any difficulty. But still I thought of searching for ways to remove the green lines, and I tried some random tips on my own, and eureka - I found the solution.

The technique worked for me like a magic and I am sharing it here for my readers, hoping they'd find the tips useful if they experience similar issue with the vlc media player as I have.

Tips to remove VLC green lines:

Click on Tools
Open Preferences tab
In simple preferences, select VIDEO
In Display section, uncheck "Use hardware YUV -> RGB conversions".
Click Save
Restart VLC.

That's it. 

Enjoy watching movies on VLC without the nagging green lines :)