Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Content Writing Tips – Two Ways To Perfection

I started writing around 3-years ago. Those were the days when I didn't know anything good about writing. It was just rudimentary. There was visible absence of many things essential to contextualize meaningful sentences. However, I never abandoned practice. With perseverance, dedication and zeal, I continued doing practice. This has subsequently rewarded me with key insight about different aspects of writing, albeit I am still trying hard to perfect myself in writing.

Well, if you ask me about "the most pertinent" way to improve writing skill, I would honestly fail to answer you. Why? Because, I believe that writing involves focusing on every aspect including gathering relevant information, perfect contextualization and meaningful presentation (proofreading to decipher grammatical mistake/s is vital). That is why; I can't be judgmental on it.

However, I am going to narrate two very important things about writing, which I believe could be of helpful.

Reading Pays

Reading is one of the most ignored yet vital, imperative & substantial ways to improve writing.

Confused how come reading being associated with writing?

Well, I have experienced that reading gives me ideas to think creatively. I recall my school days in this context. Once our English teacher told us to write an essay on Holi. Fortunately, I had read about that in a syllabus book and had heard stories about celebration of the festival from mother.

Based on the ideas, I wrote the essay so well that my assignment was shortlisted in the list of top 10 essays.

Mind you, reading is not like reading anything stupid or worthless stuff. Be an omnivorous reader of novel, literature books and celebrated magazines. To me, writing is constructively associated with reading as it helps impregnating great ideas in your mind. A writer devoid with great idea can't write anything well.

So, read as much as you can, if you want to improve your writing skill.

Continue as Stagnancy Stinks

“Obstacles are those things when we take our eyes off the Goal”.

Devout writer symbolizes virtues, such as devotion, determination, and most importantly, continuance. This involves non-stop practice for writing. Eventually, you will get the hang of it.

You wrote an article for a pedantic "article submission directory" and it was rejected. Does that mean you do not have knack for writing? Is the road for improvement in writing end forever? No!

Further, I also believe that one should avoid letting criticism rule over one's mind, especially when their writing is vilified. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new. Just be to yourself and hone your skill for writing through continuous practice.

I believe one should accept challenges (for improvement) but should cordon off nugatory statements of others. Continuance should always be there in writing as the verity of successful writing often lies in the gravity of perseverance combined by zeal and determination.

You see, even stagnant water stinks when kept in abeyance. This absolutely holds true for writing as well.

So long you continue with practice for writing, you march an inch closer to perfection.

Best wishes for your writing success:)

Note This piece of writing represents my “so far gained” adherence to writing. Therefore, employment of maximum efforts spared to unique and standout creation of writing. It's having resemblance to any piece of writing on the web world should be treated as mere coincidence, not plagiarism. Also, this piece of writing is written for those with moderate understanding about writing. Novice or would-be writers are advised to search other resources for comprehensive details on similar subject.