Saturday, May 7, 2016

Misconceived Feminism

If someone imperious tries to be misandrist on the pretext of endorsing the doctrine of feminist, he/she needs psychiatric evaluation and those with the chronic disorder of supporting such doctrine must seek psychiatric evaluation as well, in my humble point of view.

What is the definition of feminist, tell me that?

Is it being supporting someone with female origin regardless of whether her own version of truth stands in the same wavelength of others? Or it is her not being able to handle characteristic flaws and therefore resorting uncalled for denunciation, call someone male by name and wash your dirty linen to media pleading innocence?

If you call this feminism, then and with all due respect, I can’t blithely escort to such misguided credo of feminism where ideology conflicts and sex in particular is given undue regards over hypothetical assumption of “patriarchal” society and male dominance, considered to be anathema (as once blithely claimed by Burkha Dutt and like-minded pseudo feminists).

Kangana, no matter how talented and gifted actress she is or she is regarded, on the basis of character and deportment, she’s just another raving stuck-up virago fanning up narcissism like a control freak or puerile lady. Firstly she spoiled Aditya pancholi blaming her of physical abuse despite the fact that there was surprisingly discomforting 20-yrs of age gap between the duo. Then she preyed upon Shekhar Suman's son, Adhyayan Suman and till date Shekhar and his wife ( curse the day their son attached the strings with beautiful Kangana.

She also started casual romance with Ajay Devgan started from Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai but thanks to Ajay’s sagaciousness the relationship died its natural end. My point? Not trying to be anti-feminist here, just stating the fact that please don’t use such great word to define a person not deserving the credit of it regardless of his/her cinematic success. Yes, it was her personal life and this is none of my business.

But if someone's discomforting past is overlooked just because another one is is celebrity male with somewhat equally discomforting past doesn't mean both the incidents can be balanced out by giving more benefits onto the other standing as female. We are humans and defending ourselves against accusative slurs or jibes is natural defense machinism, be it Kangana or Hrithik or anyone for that matter. What is seen as equitable and justified between is the accusation and the manner of counter-accusation. Alas! people as bystanders do not show much sagacity to be an impartial judge of the characters.

The life between REEL and REAL lacks perfect dichotomy necessary for making you a real human being and that makes you standout in real way. For example, I admire Majoj Bajpayee and others like him because of their sensibility of persevering relationship off the media claws and off the vile glare of attention-seeker public (pseudo feminist).

Some words about me

I am married. My wife is a moderately educate, down to earth but very intelligent angel. It’s been a privileged to have married such a great elf. You know what I like in her – simplicity and candid speaking manner. She means what she means and follows her words. I take advice from her to show my gratitude how great I am to have her in my life. When I connect this useless Bolly-creepy-thingy stuff with my wife, I think she’s far more dignified than them. So what she’s not a celebrity? I don’t give a damn.

Kangana is arguably one of the greatest talents Indian Bollywood has ever got. However, it deportment and character to be considered, she will always stand corrected. That said, I mean it for hrithik too. But this guy is being made scapegoat of media’s carnivorous crave.

Perhaps none will give damn to his version of truth because our society adores women in distress no matter whether she is at fault, too.i guess those supporting kangana should support all those causes necessary for women empowerment in reality in our society. Being feminist to support already powerful lady at fault is not feminism.

Now India has almost forgotten what happened to Nirbhaya. How derisive is it that our so called feminist credo slowly fades out into oblivion after few days down the line. Like other stories, this one too (kangana-hrithik controversy) will fade out and then we so called erudite feminists will start digging other’s grave and call them misogynists. Great!
I may seem to have carried away in my take on the question, but consider it my personal viewpoint, and therefore it doesn't mean that my standpoint will agree to others holding otherwise different views on the matter. I'd love hearing from you dear guys.

The post was my answer to a question on Quora.