Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Power of Bravery Wearing the Disguise Of Simplicity

Call it my all-time favourite lullaby, or childhood ignorance of the wisdom of the words (when granny preached me the devoutness of simplicity in her usual expansive definition), my recent encounter with a rather scornful, unintended and possibly unprecedented event factored in me the generation of somewhat new-fangled ideology in a definition bearing close proximity to brute versus civility or brawn versus brawl kind of occurrence.

I was raised in a family with impressively well-off atavistic personality legacy.

My great-grandpa was a landlord of more than 1000 acres of land parcels in those eras where landlord system prevailed in the then British-ruled India.

Even today, my personal assets combined by the ancestral properties amount to incalculable assets, post distribution into great-grandpa’s three sons, and thence to my father and his two kin brothers.

Genetically, I carry an air of steely personality verisimilitude of my grandfather’s, an ancestral legacy he’d carried inflexibly till his grave.

His inviolable daredevilry and impulsive launch of candid diatribe against malevolence without being counter-attacked was reminiscent of today’s political immunity a leader/VVIP fellows enjoy.

So long he lived; his lifestyle statement was rather impervious – devoid of fear like a lion in the jungle!

It’s been nearly 6 years I remained involved, consistently, without vestige aberration – in the field of writing. During the span of stint, I let my personality to be defined by judgemental crit-class intellects in the interpretation of vulnerable, simple and ridiculously down-to-earth.


True power often wears disguise of simplicity, vulnerability, or defencelessness.


Never base your opinion by the physical impression of a fellow. His/her reality may surprise you if rather challenged rudely.

On being rudely manhandled by a nut-job yesterday, the eventual action I took bore stark contrast to my ‘vulnerable’ personality. The repercussion though splashed few droplets of criticism onto me, yet no money in the world could ever indemnify the prestige being dragged into howl of widespread derision.

From the bottom of my heart I authenticate my action as judicious, regardless of being seen as impervious.

I sense my personality definition afford verisimilitude of exaggerated glorification. But I find it standing in absolutely zero negation. hat’s simply a random thought in textual garb :)