Sunday, December 22, 2013

DHOOM: 3 - Aamir Khan is the SAVING GRACE

Yes, Aamir Khan is the SAVING GRACE of the movie, DHOOM: 3, which was released in India on 20th of December 2013 . 

I don’t want to mince my words in saying that the movie is not as much impressive as it was hyped by print media channels and social media platforms, but I concur that’s Aamir Khan’s super-fantastic acting and some “OMG! It’s unbelievable!” audience-gasped reactions for the cinematic stunts, which will give movie its due credit – to transcend 200 crore marks (though I seriously doubt about that).

Prominent Parts of the movie –

  • US currencies befalling from a building accompanied by cyborg-thief, Aamir (Samar) trotting down perpendicularly on the floor of the building. This scene reminded me of GHOST RIDER where Daniel Craig as a ghost rider trots down a building perpendicularly with his blazing bike.
  • Encounter of the TWINS – Aamir to Aamir, Sahir facing Samar! That’s the most hair-raising scene of the movie. Love the way Amir preformed another part as a mentally unstable younger brother. Muah! For a while, I thought I was watching Hollywood horror, THE MIRROR where reflection kills the reflected.
  • The BIKE – I have never seen in any Hollywood-Bollywood movies. That mystic, sexy and awe-inspiring bike of Amir is one of the most prominent parts of DHOOM: 3. Remember the slow-motioned scene showing bike-born Amir jumping down to a lake and the bike slowly turning into a very sexy and wonderful motorboat! Wow! That was just hell of a fantastic occurrence. It reminded me of THE TRANSFORMERS! In climax when the bike turns into a Cessna-like aircraft – that was also an awesome part of the movie!
The Awful Parts of the Movie –
  • Entry of Abhishek, crashing down wall with an auto rickshaw! He rescues motorist-turned-cop colleague from goons with stereotyped South-Indian action stunts. I cursed myself for having watched that part.

  • The clash of Jai Dikshit and Samar in basement – not very impressive. Appeared like a passable imitation of a Hollywood movie.

The movie is one time watchable. Can watch twice if you are a die-hard fan of Amir Khan. Also, the movie is WATCHABLE after INTERVAL; provided that you continue watching till the interval.

In my opinion, Aamir is the SAVING GRACE of DHOOM: 3. Apart from him, there is nothing worth watching, even the English lady. Amir STEALS the SHOW!!