Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Content Writing – Watch Your Words!

What would you say to a guy raving at you unreasonably? Perhaps, you’d give him a whap or usual monosyllabic warning – “Watch your words, Mr.”! Anyway, the point is you will never take that raving lying down, will you?

That’s exactly what happens with your content writing! Yes! It’s damn true! Your words are either boon or bane, constructive or destructive, impressive or boring, depending on their VOICE!

Whatever you write, your words speak something. They tell your readers something about a particular subject. Means, your words SPEAK with your readers and like any conversation; this one too requires a certain level of etiquette and manner.

Few days ago, a person asked me not to respect people. Unbelievable? Yes! Even I couldn’t believe on his words. He was of opinion that nobody in the world deserves to be respected, so, I should rather bombard my writing with expletives (you know those words in vogue at Urban Dictionary). 

Ah! I forgot to tell you one thing – I quelled my urge to ask the guy many things including “Did you tell this to your parents that they don’t deserve to be respected?”

Leave it as that’s not the point of discussion.

My point is, if I don’t respect my audiences, will they respect me?

Sometimes, I did lose my nerve while arguing with readers, but gradually I realized my mistake. They are adorable no matter how they may sound with you. That’s also the point of the blog. I SERIOUSLY MEAN TO WRITE GOOD STUFFS WITH POLITENESS.

While writing, be it SEO content writing or any; be focused onto the VOICE of your WORDS. People have their reactive attitude for anything. If you write quality contents that’s good, very good, but make sure your words sound sweet and friendly to your readers, never intimidating and overbearing.

Just as we can’t abide by someone’s raving at us, how could we expect someone to be polite with us, if we rave?